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Ipswich, Suffolk

Nina Robinson FRICS MBA is a professional, RICS Regulated, Chartered surveyors in Suffolk and the surrounding areas specialising in the historic areas of Woodbridge, Aldeburgh, Stowmarket, Ipswich, and surrounding towns and villages. We pride ourselves on being truly independent and providing detailed and accurate surveys for a wide range of property types.

We offer much more than just a survey, we offer advice and support to make sure you understand the survey and how it affects the property in question. We have a particular expertise in historic buildings such as listed thatched cottages, large historic country houses, converted barns and town centre historic houses. 

We also specialise in commercial property surveys and services as well as commercial to residential conversions.

Detailed and accurate surveys for a wide range of peoperty types in the Suffolk area...


RICS Level 3 Surveys

A Level 3 survey is always recommended for properties over 100 years old. We take great care to discuss client needs at the outset, carry out inspection in detail for each element of the property and take detailed photographs and notes.

By providing a structured report including defects, repair and maintenance options and advice, I supply you with essential details regarding the structure and condition of the property.

Some areas covered include:

What we do

We have been providing in depth building and property surveys across the county since 1986. We are professional surveyors in Suffolk and the surrounding areas and are able to provide a wide range of property surveys on all building types including commercial property.

Chiltern Associates provides a service tailored to you, to your timescale and to the building in question. We provide in depth and comprehensive surveys that will give you all the information you need to go ahead with your planned property purchase. A good survey will save you time, money and stress and this is our aim!


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Knowledgeable Building Surveys to Avoid Hidden Property Issues

We have extensive experience in the local area as well as a broad range of building types. We will provide a well written, easy to understand report with helpful advice and action points with regards to the condition of the property and any issues raised. It is important to understand the complete condition of the property you are planning to buy, so Chiltern Associates’s experienced team conduct detailed reports on the property to ensure that you are not left with any nasty surprises like costly repairs after purchase.

For older properties and those needing repair, our Building Survey is a more comprehensive analysis of the condition. This survey offers detailed photographs and it also explains the faults, describes the remedies and how you can proceed to the next stage. This could certainly help you negotiate a reduction in price if required and certainly make a very informed choice about the property purchase itself.

Should you have any concerns we will discuss them with you at the outset to ensure that we can address these issues specifically in the survey and the follow up discussions.

Some examples of the projects undertaken previously by our surveyors in Suffolk are:

–  Aldeburgh: Conducted detailed building surveys of properties within the town centre, including providing essential advice on the effect of sea breeze weathering, taking into account the historic nature of the properties.

–  Framlingham: Experience conducting in depth surveys on properties within the square, including both flats and houses.

–  Ipswich: Our surveyors have experience in surveys of detached houses, semi detached houses ,terraced houses and flats in each geographic area.

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Prompt action to your needs and free initial phone advice


35+ years experience working with all property types

Local Knowledge

Extensive Ipswich, Suffolk and local area knowledge


Experts in Historic, Victorian & Non traditional buildings