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We have many years of experience surveying many different types of property in and around the Aldeburgh area and right across Suffolk. Chiltern Associates is an experience surveying practice that focuses on customer service and a personal experience, Buying a property is always a serious matter and the more information and clarity a client has going into a purchase the better.

Aldeburgh is a thriving coastal town with high demand for both holiday homes and for full-time residences. It has a wealth of facilities including boutique, independent and high street favourite shops, an art deco cinema, art galleries, a small concert hall, hotels, fine dining, cafes and tearooms. The beautiful coastal view is a great backdrop to the area, which is used as the centre of the international Aldeburgh Festival; a renowned annual festival celebrating arts and classical music. Properties range from mid terraced fishermen’s cottages to flats overlooking the sea, to larger detached houses and secluded mansions.

Detailed Explanation

It is critically important that a client not only has the right survey but also understands the results and how they may impact the purchase and the property over time. For this reason we always have a detailed conversation with each client after our report is sent. The aim of this is to make sure they are fully aware of all the issues, evidence and implications of all the details in the report. This way they can move ahead with the purchase in possession of all the facts. This level of detail is sadly not always provided by some larger practices or banks.

Local Knowledge

Special challenges in Aldeburgh include possible flooding from both the river and the sea. Special treatment may also be needed for listed properties and those in Conservation Areas, older brick walls and their maintenance, tiled roofs, rising damp, structural movement, and more. Homeowners looking to purchase property in the Aldeburgh area would do well to seek professional advice. This is so that they are fully aware of the condition and potential defects of the property before they commit to buy.

Chiltern Associates are well known and respected in the area, having carried out building surveys on many types of Aldeburgh property. With an average property price of £490,000 (2016), Aldeburgh is a popular area for investment in the area. However, it is essential that you request in-depth and expert advice from a chartered building surveyor such as Chiltern Associates, in order to highlight any defects found present within the property and to set about resolving such issues.

Surveying Services in Aldeburgh

Chiltern Associates offer a number of services;
  • Building Surveys A thorough analysis of the property in question, looking at all visible and accessible elements of the interior and exterior of the property. Special care is given to analysing any major or hidden defects found within the property and we also offer first class advice on the approximate cost of repairing such defects. It is the recommended service for many properties in Aldeburgh.
  • Listed and Historic Building Surveys Chiltern Associates draw from a wealth of experiences surveying listed and historic properties in order to provide a detailed and concise report concerning historic properties. The report will go into incredible detail, including any specific advice which may be needed depending on the style, age and construction of the property as well as taking other features into account.

Chiltern Associates are an independent practice and are not tied to any third party estate agents or larger companies. Our listed and historic building survey services combine extensive experience surveying listed and historic properties with an in-depth knowledge of the Aldeburgh area, enabling us to provide impartial advice unique to each property. Chiltern Associates operate throughout Suffolk with a wealth of experience across Southwold, Woodbridge and Ipswich.




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