Chiltern Associates are charter surveyor working across Felixstowe. As a locally based independent chartered surveying practice we offer a wide range of property services including Building Surveys, and Historic Building advice for customers in the Felixstowe area. We draw on years of experience in the local area to provide a thorough surveying service that is second to none.

Detailed Explanation

Not only do we take customer service very seriously we also take time to explain, in detail, all the surveys we produce. This means we go through the report with each client to make sure they fully understand all of the issues in the report, the evidence of them and the implications they may bring to any building purchase in and around Felixstowe. We feel this is a critical part of the surveying process and that it sets us apart from many larger practices. If you would like a truly detailed and clearly explained survey then speak to us today and book your survey.

Local Knowledge

We have worked for many years throughout Suffolk including Felixstowe, Manningtree and other towns surveying a variety of different property types. We offer a swift and reliable service that will make sure you have the information you need during a purchase. We draw from extensive local knowledge in order to properly assess each property during a survey. We take into account local issues such a flooding and common building materials so that we can provide a truly accurate and detailed survey. Every area has it’s own issues and it is critical you choose a surveyor that is aware of them all.

Surveying Services Felixtowe

Chiltern Associates offer a range of surveys but if you are looking to buy a property in Felixstowe, our expert team will be able to provide a comprehensive service for you. When it comes to older properties or properties that have undergone any drastic alterations, a Building Survey provides a thorough assessment of the condition of the property, looking at the structural condition of the property and assessing any immediate or urgent defects present within the property. Chiltern Associates has specialist experience surveying listed and historic properties, meaning that we can offer helpful insight as to the potential problems found within listed and timber framed properties.

Why Do I Need a Survey?

By requesting a detailed building survey from a professional surveying practice, you will be provided with a more thorough report showing the condition of the property as well as any and all potential problem areas and defects. For example, the bank may not care the garage roof will need replacing in 12 months but the cost could cause you a serious issue when the time came.

Purchasing a property is one of the most important decisions you can make in your lifetime, so it is essential that you gather all the relevant information in order to avoid any potential nasty surprises later on when buying the property.




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