Whether you are a buying a property to live in yourself or a property as a buy-to-let landlord, it is important to have the right survey. With years of experience providing surveys and historic buildings across Ipswich, Chiltern Associates can provide you with the detail and information you need to move ahead with your purchase.

Why Do I Need a Survey?

Two independent research studies have shown that even the most basic survey from an independent chartered surveyor can save you thousands of pounds, by flagging up hidden defects that an untrained eye would miss, our experienced surveyors will highlight all potential issues, giving you the tools to negotiate the price of the property. It will also put your mind at rest when worrying about a crack you can see or a damp patch. Saving you both time and money.

Our Services

We offer a range of different surveys for all residential property types and some commercial types across Ipswich with full building surveys. Each will consist of a highly detailed report that will highlight any potential problem areas or issues, and provide essential advice on how these can be fixed. Building Surveys are usually carried out on older properties that require a more in-depth analysis of potential problem areas that need more extensive refurbishment or renovation.

Detailed Explanation

As well as providing the survey itself we feel it is critical to speak to the client once the report has been received. The aim of this discussion is to make sure the client understands, in detail, all of the aspects of the report including the issues raised, the evidence of them, and how they may affect the property and sale. Many larger firms are unable to provide this level of service which can in some cases then leave the client without a proper understanding of the situation.

Our People

Lead by Nina Robinson, Chiltern Associates bring over 20 years of Suffolk surveying to bear when taking on new instructions. As an independent company we are not linked to estate agents and so provide invaluable and unbiased advice. We take pride in offering high quality reports and detailed Building Surveys to all our clients and have built up a strong reputation over the years conducting surveys on residential property types and some commercial types including listed and historic properties. Should you have any queries regarding our reports we will be more than happy to explain our findings in a clear and concise language. We understand the importance of feeling secure in the knowledge that you have a detailed report to hand with all the information properly laid out for you. With a fast, reliable service to meet your needs we are proud to offer a truly professional service at a competitive rate for all clients throughout Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

Historic Building Surveys Ipswich

If buying a property built prior to 1850 Chiltern Associates are extremely experienced in providing surveys for historic buildings or buildings that have been altered from the original structure as well as those with unusual structures, with a range of services including an in-depth inspection. Chiltern Associates are experts in reporting on everything from wattle and daub walls and cobb walls to timber framed houses. Utilising our extensive experience and knowledge of the local area we will take into account the local geography and climate when surveying the property to ensure that any potential problem areas are quickly spotted, investigated and flagged up.

We have in depth knowledge of all areas of Ipswich such as the period houses in Christchurch Park, terraced houses and flats near the town centre, suburban houses in the west of Ipswich, modern houses in Kesgrave, Woodbridge, Martlesham and the Shotley peninsula as well as across Suffolk.




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