Chartered Surveyors in Leiston

Chiltern Associates specialises in professional surveying practice working in Leiston, and across Suffolk. The experienced team draw from a wealth of knowledge to give our clients first-class in-depth surveying services designed to provide them with all the relevant information they need. For professional advice on purchasing a listed or historic property; we can help.

With over 20 years local experience in surveying a wide range of property types, Chiltern Associates work on a personal level with all clients, offering a number of different services to suit individual client needs.

As an independent chartered surveying practise, all reports conducted are completely unbiased with the sole benefit of our clients in mind, giving you peace of mind in the validity of our surveys. Purchasing a property, or even renovating or altering a listed or historic property you already own, is a huge investment for anyone to take. It is important, therefore, that clients have all the relevant information they need, such as the condition of the property, any immediate or major defects and the approximate value of the property itself.

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Detailed Explanation

We feel it is critical that each client receives not only a detailed survey but also a detailed explanation of what the survey contains. To this end we always contact the client after the report has been sent to offer a detailed run through of the results. We are then able to discuss any issues that have arisen, the evidence for them and the implications they may have on the purchase and the property itself. This is something that some larger practices are unable to offer but is a very important part of the surveying process.

What We Do

Chiltern Associates conducts a Building Survey service designed for listed and historic properties. It will look at the interior and exterior of a property in detail. It also takes the age of the property into account, as our surveyors are able to provide specific advice on certain historic features of older properties. A comprehensive report with full photos and advice on any defects found will be given following the survey. Chiltern Associates operates throughout Suffolk, Leiston and the surrounding area including Framlingham and Saxmundam.

Why choose Chiltern Associates?


Prompt action to your needs and free initial phone advice


35+ years experience working with all property types

Local Knowledge

Extensive Ipswich, Suffolk and local area knowledge


Experts in Historic, Victorian & Non traditional buildings

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For more information on in-depth surveying services in Leiston, or if you would like professional advice when looking at surveys for a historic buildingget in touch with Chiltern Associates today. Simply call our experienced team on 07973 306505 or email us at and we will get back to you shortly. Chiltern Associates provides clients with all the helpful information they need regarding their current or new potential property.