Located on the River Stour, Manningtree adjoins the built-up areas of Lawford and Mistley, where the three parishes together are sometimes referred to simply as ‘Manningtree’. The town’s name is thought to derive from ‘many trees’. Manningtree’s commerce grew around the wool trade from the 15th century to the 18th century. Now it is a flourishing village with a number of local businesses, including cafes, florists, leisure centres and more. Manningtree is also a claimant for the title of the smallest town in England. Properties in Manningtree range from impressive detached and semi-detached houses to bungalows overlooking exquisite farmland.

Local Experience

Chiltern Associates is surveying practice with a great deal of experience in the Manningtree area as well as many surrounding towns and villages. We are totally independent of any estate agents or larger firms and as such focus on providing detailed surveying services coupled with customer service and care. Purchasing a property or going through a property improvement process is something that should be taken seriously and done only when well informed of all potential issues. We feel Chiltern Associates is well placed to make sure all our clients are in possession of all the facts before entering into any kind of financial agreement.

Detailed Explanation

As part of the surveying process we feel it is very important to spend time going over the report in detail with the client. After each report is sent out we offer the chance to then review the report looking at any issues found, the evidence behind them and what they may mean for the property and the purchase itself. This is all part of the service and something that some larger practices simply do not have time to offer.

Local Knowledge

Special challenges in Manningtree includes possible flooding from the River Stour, rising damp and various special treatments which may be needed for historic properties. It is important that homeowners looking to purchase property in Manningtree seek professional advice from an experienced surveyor. This is because a detailed professional survey will ensure that clients are aware of the full condition and all potential defects of the property before they commit to buy.

With an average property price of £270,000 (2016), Manningtree is a wonderful little parish and epitomises quaint countryside living. However, professional advice is always recommended when looking at any property, particularly a listed or historic property. With specialist advice and experience in all residential property types and some commercial types, Chiltern Associates can help with a clear and concise survey designed to meet your needs.

Surveying Services in Manningtree

Chiltern Associates specialise in providing a range of property-related services to clients in the Manningtree area, including the following;
  • Building Surveys A detailed analysis of the property in question, including an analysis of all visible and accessible elements of the building’s interior and exterior. Our experienced surveyors will take special care in identifying any immediate or hidden defects found and will also offer advice on how such defects can be resolved. The building survey is a recommended survey for many Manningtree properties.
  • Listed and Historic Building Surveys Chiltern ensures situation-specific advice is given by drawing on extensive previous experience in surveying local listed and historic properties. Chiltern associates will take into account the age, condition, structure, construction and size of the property among other unique features in order to provide accurate and detailed reports for clients.

As an independent practice, Chiltern Associates are not associated with any third party estate agents or larger companies. This allows our knowledgeable team to offer honest and impartial advice concerning a range of matters. The listed and historic building survey services combine our extensive valuable experience with an in-depth knowledge of the properties within the Manningtree and Felixstowe areas, which ensures that every report is unique to your property and its needs.




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