Chartered Surveyors in Orford

Chiltern Associates is an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors with extensive experience in conducting in-depth surveys and also specialising in historical buildings in the picturesque village of Orford on Suffolk’s heritage coast.

A peaceful and unspoilt coastal village, Orford is a true historical gem, complete with pretty cottages, quayside properties and even a castle. Orford Castle dates back to 1173, its unique polygonal tower keep being a fascinating visitor attraction in the local area.

At Chiltern Associates, you can be confident in our professional experience in the local property market. We offer a range of detailed surveys and reports that are designed to help you make an informed property purchase decision.

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Detailed Explanation

We feel it is very important to not only get a property survey but to also understand that survey. This is why we always make time after a report has been sent to discuss all the details with the client. It is during this process where we go over any issues found at the property, the reasons and evidence behind them and what they may mean for the property purchase itself. This is something that some larger practices and bank services simply cannot offer and as a result leave buyers in a risky position.

Surveying Services in Orford

Chiltern Associates provide a broad range of property related services for properties in and around Orford. Our services include:

  • Listed and Historic Building Surveys – Situation specific advice can be provided by drawing on our extensive experience of listed and historic properties. We will take account of the age, size, structure, condition and type of construction as well as any other unique property features.
  • Building Surveys – A detailed analysis of your chosen property, taking into account all visible and accessible elements of the building, inside and out. Our experienced surveyor will identify any immediate or hidden defects and provide advice on suitable remedial action.

As an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors, Chiltern Associates are not associated with any third party, estate agent or other parent company. In this way, our expert team is able to offer honest and impartial advice for your benefit. Every report we produce is unique to your property and its needs.

About Chiltern Associates

With more than 30 years’ experience of conducting detailed surveys and reports, the team at Chiltern Associates are committed to ensuring total client satisfaction. We offer a personalised service, guided by each client’s requirement to provide the information you need, whether you’re purchasing an investment property in Orford, a holiday cottage or a family home.

As specialists in historical and timber framed properties in Orford, Woodbridge and the villages along the Suffolk coast, as well as properties of unusual construction, our surveys are designed to give an accurate report of the condition of your chosen property.

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Prompt action to your needs and free initial phone advice


35+ years experience working with all property types

Local Knowledge

Extensive Ipswich, Suffolk and local area knowledge


Experts in Historic, Victorian & Non traditional buildings

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If you would like more information about our surveying services for properties in Orford and the surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07973 306505. Whether you require professional advice or would like to request a survey for a historical building in Orford, Chiltern Associates have a wealth of experience on offer.

Get in touch by completing the form on this page, send us a short enquiry here or speak to us directly by calling 07973 306505. We offer free initial phone advice to all clients, with prompt attention to all enquiries.