Bovis and its houses of so many horrors

Street of new build houses

Look before you leap into a new-build

The Times has recently been leading on challenges for purchasers of new build  properties who find copious defects after moving in. The Times lists defects such as windows not installed, holes in roofs and ceilings and workmen still in the house. With financial pressures, several builders such as Bovis pressurise purchasers into completing without snags being completed. Its fine to look for certificates, but in the rush to complete, these are of little help to purchasers who often spend months negotiating defects once they are in the house.

Here at Chiltern Associates we can provide the easy answer. Our snagging list format will cover all those defects that might be there and can also talk directly to builders asking about likely progress on site. Most importantly we can provide that support that you might need at this crucial time. The snagging list is a detailed comprehensive list , on a room by room basis, of all those snags that come up such as decorations not finished, windows not finished, poor condition of screed floors, poor jointing on timberwork and even blocked drains

Just ask for Snagging List via our enquiry form and we can help you.