Condensation versus damp

Mould in property

In assessing your new home  Chiltern Associates will both test for damp and also assess condensation. The photo shows an acute outbreak of condensation caused by poor ventilation in the windows and warm damp air inside. The warm air condenses on the cooler outside wall, causing serious condensation mould as can be seen. Needed in this case were mechanical vents to kitchen and bathroom areas and adequate window ventilation. Mould can be toxic and should be treated urgently.

In contrast rising damp is caused by an inadequate damp proof course protecting the walls from damp soils. Penetrating damp is caused by leaking gutters and downpipes, leaking pipework, and damp penetrating through walls with poor condition.  Both of these are serious matters needing expert advice from Chiltern Associates, we can advise on the best treatment depending on the cause.