De Vere House in Lavenham is up for Sale!

But is a listed building right for you?

The lovely village of Laveham has become rather famous because of the property called De Vere House. Sadly perhaps it is not the detailed a long history of the property that has thrust it into the limelight but it’s use in the one of the Harry Potter movies. The front of the house has now become one of the most photographed front doors in the country. This stunning building is now up for sale and there may well be a number of people looking at buying it from a historic point of view as well as a few Harry Potter fans. But it once again brings up the question we here so often…is a listed building right for me?

De Vere House

This Grade I listed building is on Water Street. The street itself dates back to before 1500 and the younger brother and sister of Charles the II were once placed under arrest and held at the property. Currently being used as two separate buildings there is scope to bring it back into it’s original state of a single large abode. The smaller of the two parts has been used as a holiday let for some time. The interior of the house features a huge timber frame and beams as well as fireplaces and even a very unique and rare stone spiral staircase. The asking price is just a million pounds.

Harry Potter

The property was used in the Deathly Hallows film Part One although disappointingly for fans the stars never actually went to the house itself. As is so common these days the images were recreated digitally and turned into a backdrop for the actors to work in front of. Nonetheless it is the building played the home of Harry’s parents and for many that is enough.

Buying a Listed Building

As stunning as many listed buildings are there are some very serious things that need to be considered with each and every one of them. These buildings are not always easy to own and buying them can be perilous. It is important to let the head rule the heart in any listed purchase. Often we are called upon to act as the head in such purchases because the prospective buyers have fallen madly in love with the property and are not able to see the issues at hand. Our listed building service allows buyers to see a full and detailed report but also to have someone to speak to about the purchase that is truly independent. No matter how stunning a property is, there could be issues that would have considerable costs associated with them. It is not to say that the purchase should not go ahead, it should, but it is critical the buyers have the budget and understand the level of expenditure needed to maintain the building. It is also important they understand any limitations involved with building work they may wish to undertake.

Listed Building Surveys

The serious problems begin when the sole plate has in fact rotted so badly that it can no longer take a load bearing role. What is left is a house relying on wall material like lime or other rendering materials to actually take the load bearing role. This is a very dangerous situation and one that is all to common. Of course, this is an extreme example. More often the situation involves only a partly rotted sole plate or certain areas where it is suffering. But the result is essentially the same just on a more localised level; parts of the structure are taking loads they were not designed to.




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