Detailed Explanation of Your Survey Report

Getting a survey is, of course, one of the most important factors when buying a house. However, what is the point of a detailed survey if you do not fully understand it’s contents? This is a surprisingly common occurrence and ironically can be just as bad as not getting a survey at all.

Reports, Facts and Understanding

When a detailed survey is carried out it needs to be written up and turned into a detailed survey report. This process can vary greatly between surveyors and it is so important to work with someone who produces reports that are readable, understandable and presentable. But there is so much more to it than that. You can have a wonderful looking report done by a very experienced surveyor which also contains all the correct and pertinent information but it all falls down when the purchaser simply does understand it. It is no slight on the purchaser, of course, they are not expected to understand the details aspects of the structures, materials and other factors. This can be further compounded if the client is looking at a historic or listed building where many common factors in buildings today simply do not apply.


It therefore falls to the Surveyor to help present the report in such a way as to convey all of the important information and make sure the purchaser has understood it. It is not just about understanding what is written though, it is also about grasping the implications or certain issues, the potential future costs or re sale issues. It is one thing to appreciate a flat roof may only have 2 years left before leaks become an issue. It is another entirely to know how much a replacement roof may cost and what any surrounding issues could be.

The Chiltern Way

We firmly believe a survey is at its best when it is explained properly. So we make sure we call each client or organise a meeting after they have received the report in order to do just that. We go through all the issues and potential issues that the report shows and we discuss them with the purchaser. What this does is make sure the client is thoroughly informed and that their decision whether or not to buy a property is based on on greater level of understanding than is perhaps seen elsewhere. Ultimately if this means they may still go ahead with buying a property with problems but they do so knowing the potential costs and can therefore budget accordingly.

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