Timber Framed Building Surveys

With some of the oldest buildings in Britain having timber-frames it shows how resilient and adaptable they are and why so many are still in active daily use. With many timber-framed buildings protected as listed buildings you are limited in how you can change a timber-framed property, therefore it is important that you request a survey from a professional team who have specific experience in surveying timber-framed properties.

Chiltern Associates are an independent practice focusing on providing detailed and unbiased survey services to clients looking for helpful advice throughout Suffolk. Utilising extensive knowledge of the local area coupled with a team of professional, experienced surveyors, we offer an invaluable service that promises to provide clients with all the information they need before entering into negotiations regarding a property purchase.

It is important to have as much information about the property in question before entering into negotiations as buying a house is one of, if not the single most important investment we make in our lifetime. Therefore it is understandable that we ensure our clients feel safe in the knowledge that they have a detailed Building Survey to refer to throughout the proceedings. When it comes to historic Timber-Framed Buildings Chiltern Associates have specific experience analysing and reporting on timber-framed historic properties. It is important to request a survey that is suited to the style and the age of your home.

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Chiltern Associates takes into consideration the complexity and vulnerability of historic timber-frame buildings and can make educated recommendations with regards to repairs or renovations that may need doing. As timber-frame buildings are vulnerable to decay particularly where impervious materials have been introduced, it is important to get a professional with experience in surveying historic properties as other surveyors may make recommendations that can be expensive to repair.

Repair works need to be carried out with the utmost care as well intentioned but misinformed repair works can end up causing more harm than good and may even be irreversible. Plus as every historic building is unique and original it is important that you have a qualified surveyor who you can trust to make the right decisions. Our expert team have extensive experience with historic buildings and can offer personalised advice for each property in our reporting.




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